When Reason Dies, Emotions Rise, and Civilizations Crumble.

The fatal flaws in our Constitution were that the Right
of the Individual to own property was not made absolute and
the power of the Government to tax was not denied to it absolutely.
Taxes are the price we pay to arm and feed those who would enslave us.

The very essence of a civilized society lies in:

1) The absolute Right of the individual to own property and;

2) The respect paid by each citizen to each other's right to own property.

As fewer and fewer people adhere to the latter principle, the faster
will be the erosion of the first. As civility declines so will savagery increase.

The essence of a non-civilized society can be found in the Communist Manifesto
written by Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels in 1848 in which they wrote

"...In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single
sentence: Abolition of private property..."

Joseph William Gabriele

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