A New Declaration of Independence


                   Joseph William Gabriele

                               When in the course of a relationship that has long turned abusive and one side,
                               the government, refuses to listen and desires only to dictate, and divorce has become
                               the only solution, a respect for the opinions of our fellow citizens demands that the
                               reasons for breaking the ties to our government be presented as clearly as possible.

                               Truth is that which does not change with season or fashion. We are all born equal in the
                               Right to own property and Obligated to respect property owned by others. Whether
                               taken by individual or government, property theft is evil. Governments, at best, are thieves
                               and need to be controlled by the People. Whenever any Government slips through the
                               boundaries of the limitations imposed on it by the People, dictatorship results. Such has
                               been the sad experience of Americans having witnessed, over the past century,
                               a transformation from the land of the free to a prison-like control of the regulated.

                               A Marxist agenda has been imposed on America for over a century, law by law,
                               amendment by amendment, regulation by regulation and is now in sight of its logical
                               conclusion - a consolidation of power by a willful minority over, and the subjugation of,
                               the majority i.e. a Socialist dictatorship.

                               The Rights affirmed in the first ten amendments of our Constitution are near to being
                               erased from the minds of our young. A generational break in the knowledge of these
                               Individual Rights will certainly doom the World to the darkness of superstition and tyranny
                               for a long time to come, if not forever. Insofar as knowledge of these Rights is as crucial
                               to freedom as ignorance is to slavery, we must seize control of our schools from the clutches
                               of the Marxists if we are ever to reclaim these Rights for ourselves and future generations.

                               A People whom the gods would destroy, they would first demoralize since a spirited, proud,
                               and free People will not go easily into the shackles. The cunning deception of the Marxists
                               over the past century has so eroded our spirit, pride, and freedom, that the current president[B. Obama],
                               sensing final victory, is moving quickly to erase the last vestiges of Individual Rights from our
                               land. He is doing so...

                               By elevating the incompetent to positions of power while mocking
                               the accomplishments of the productive;

                               By attempting to turn police officers who have sworn to protect us from criminals into
                               the very instruments of the re-introduction of slavery into America;

                               By arrogating to himself the unlimited and arbitrary power that History has
                               reserved for its worst dictators and tyrants;

                               By weakening our ability to defend ourselves in an increasingly hostile world
                               while arming our enemies who have sworn to destroy America;

                               By playing on the emotions of the uneducated whom the wretched Public School
                               educational system has produced, while ignoring the voices of Reason;

                               By surrounding himself with sycophants more servile than court jesters;

                               By opening Our borders and proclaiming that all on Earth are entitled to His
                               welfare benefits thereby insuring permanent residence in the oval office for himself
                               or others in his elitist mob;

                               By inciting class warfare between Americans based solely on the artificial differences
                               of race, gender, or creed thus blurring out the meaning and essence of America -
                               The Right of the Individual to own Property;

                               By paying for his Socialist dreams in counterfeit money and runaway debt thereby
                               condemning all future generations to life as indentured servants to the Government
                               and the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank;

                               By relegating to the ash heap of History the reliance of People on their families,
                               friends, neighbors, religions, Constitution, and their God so as to make of Himself
                               the fount of all that is good and righteous;

                               An evil plan well executed is nonetheless evil.

                              Nor has Congress and the Supreme Court been immune from partaking in this orgy
                              of Property Theft. Not once in the last century has Socialist legislation, decisions, or acts
                              ever been reversed! From the Sixteenth Amendment through Social Security, Medicare,
                              the Patriot Act, Kelo v New London, and Obamacare, the Taking has been relentless and
                              fatal to an amicable, trusting, and continuing relationship of Citizens to government.
                              Under these conditions, reconciliation is no longer possible.

                              The Individual Rights we affirm are inheritable from our Nature as Humans and are
                              inviolate and absolute. Beings like us who are capable of creating the Arts & Sciences,
                              Technology, the Constitution and the Laws ought not be subservient to either God or Man.
                              Wealth created by Individuals belongs to them and its distribution to them alone. Socialism
                              has had its day and failed. It is time to move on and recognize that Capitalism leads to happiness;
                              Socialism to misery. This marriage needs to be terminated. We Americans need to divorce
                              our government and seek a new relationship amongst ourselves which will, once again,
                              relegate government to its proper limited role of maintaining a military force to protect us
                              from external threats, a police force to protect us from criminals, and a system of courts
                              to adjudicate criminal charges and contractual disputes. The choice is either-or and the time
                              has come to redress the debacle that Socialism has visited upon our land!

                        Copyright Ⓒ 2014 Joseph W. Gabriele. All rights reserved.

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