Wealth is created by people who make things, grow things, fish things
out of the water, and dig things out of the ground. All the rest of us
who do not do one of those four things lives off of that created wealth.
The value of this wealth should be determined by a free market with Individuals
trading in free association with each other. Do not confuse wealth creation with
making money as they are entirely different concepts.

Money is printed or coined or digitized as a means of exchanging that wealth
and should exist in an amount which accurately reflects the value of that
created wealth.

The equation works only in one direction; wealth creation allows
for money creation. The fiscal insanity of the 20th and 21st centuries lies
in the belief that, somehow, creating money will create wealth. It never has worked
and never will work.

Counterfeit ought to be defined as money created in excess of the value of created
wealth. Whether individuals or governments counterfeit money, it should be illegal.

Individuals who create wealth should be free to spend their wealth as they see fit
during their lives, and, as they choose after death according to their will.
They should be willing to pay for a military force to protect them from external
enemies, a police force to protect them from internal criminals, and a system of courts
to adjudicate criminal acts and contractual disputes. Any additional government
spending is confiscation of created wealth and, historically, has destroyed
every country which allowed Government to run and control their economy.

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