Humans are born with the ability to exercise Reason and Emotions. The tool of Reason
is Logic. The tool of Emotions is Faith. Emotions come automatically at birth,
Reason must be chosen. The choice of one or the other as primary determines the course
of our lives.

Whether God exists or not can never be proven using Reason and Logic. Religion began
as an attempt to explain the unknown. Science took over this task and has explained
much. Religion persists because Science cannot fully explain the meaning of life,
death and human intelligence, and, all Individuals need a standard against which they
can judge the actions of their lives. For most, this standard is the tenets of their

In politics, people can hold only one of the following concepts as primary:
Either the Individual is the highest unit of value or the Society is.
Either Individual Rights guides the governance of that society or
Collective Rights does. Any attempt at compromise destroys Individual Rights.

Wealth is created by people who make things, grow things, fish things out of the water,
and dig things out of the ground. All the rest of us who do not do one of those
four things lives off of that created wealth. Humans of ability forced to work
in the service of others will cease to be productive. Most people grow up with
the desire to be productive. Some desire only to control other people.
They are the most destructive on earth.

Human needs will always exceed the resources available to satisfy those needs.
The three worst evils are Racism, Stealing from your children, Demanding sacrifice.
All racism is evil. It is the hatred of others for characteristics and conditions
over which they have no control. The second worst evil is to force your children
into debt to pay for your needs and wants. Lastly, Governments and Religions
that demand sacrifice of their citizens' or followers' lives and wealth are to be
avoided. Be wary of the corruption of power in these institutions as the greatest
danger to any citizen at any time in history has always been his own government.

Aristotle was right: Happiness ought to be the aim of one's life.

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