Bald Eagle and Flag

Some things I've learned are:

The actions of our lives are based on Reason and Emotions
The choice we make we make as to which one is primary determines
who we are and how we act

People can form governments based on Individualism or Collectivism.

There exists no in-between. Individualism implies Private Property and Capitalism.
Collectivism implies slavery.

The only entities that matter in a society
are Individuals, Religions, and Governments. For the longest part of history,
the latter two have controlled and destroyed Individuals.

America has been transformed into a land of wealth producers and non-productive

The Collectivists (Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, Socialists) are within reach
of their 120-year goal to end Individual Rights, Private Property and bury
Capitalism under a mountain of debt.

I am an Individual Rights advocate.

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