Re: Anne Applebaum’s article “Prison Scandal: America’s secret” in today’s
(June 20, 2004) Opinion section.[The Record] Item 3 of Ms. Applebaum’s piece pointing
out that the “…guards who appear absolutely certain of their legal and moral right to torture…”
triggered the following memory:

In the 1980s, I was traveling the world on business. One Sunday morning while in Munich, Germany,
I decided to visit the Nazi prison camp at Dachau.
A photograph was on exhibit showing a dead Jewish man tied to a large tree trunk with rope.
Standing next to him was a Nazi officer in a proud posture, hands on hips, a look on his face that
bespoke happiness and accomplishment. It was so similar to those we’ve seen from Iraq.

I shudder to think that we Americans have begun to forget that the first ten amendments of our
Constitution were intended to protect our individual rights from onerous government.
In allowing our government to treat any person as sub-human, we open Pandora’s box
and run the grave risk of losing those precious rights for ourselves
and for our children.