In this darkest hour for Individual Rights in America,
     how can we best reclaim rights lost for ourselves and our posterity?
     The solution lies in two key areas viz. private property and public education.

          The success of Marx's and Engel's and Dewey's ideas
     implemented over the last 100 plus years leading to the
     confiscation of the former and the total control of the latter
     has been breathtaking in its scope. An evil plan well executed is
     nonetheless evil.

          The major assaults and injuries to private property began
     with the Sherman Anti-trust Act, passed through the 16th Amendment
     and concluded, most recently, with Kelo v New London.
     The rights we had won to control our businesses, our incomes, and our
     homes taken with barely a whimper and made worse by the assent of the voter.

          But no matter how despicable the taking of property,
     the destruction of the minds of children in the public education system
     ranks with the worst of evils ever visted by humans against humans.
     Public education in America has become child abuse. Here I will
     recommend everyone read Ayn Rand's series of articles published
     in The Objectivist (August through December 1972) titled
     The Comprachicos and Maria Montessori's The Secret Of Childhood
     both of which are excellent delineations of the core of the problem of our
     public education debacle, as well as, clear explanations of the
     cognitive development of children.

          The actual tool of this destruction has been
     the NEA's (National Education Association) implementation of
     John Dewey's educational philosophy.

          The articles that will follow this introduction will focus on
     wresting control of private property and public education
     from Karl Marx and Friederich Engels and John Dewey whose ideas
     have dominated and have been destroying America for the last 100 plus years.

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