Why Are All Governments Based On Force?


Joseph W. Gabriele

I was thirteen years old during a hot summer in New Jersey. This was before
air-conditioning so I was asleep wearing only boxer shorts. My two sisters were
asleep in their own room. My parents had gone out to a social event. So I had no
idea what time it was when they came home. It was the shock of being whipped
with a wet, dirty towel that brought me full awake. My alcohol-fueled mother
was standing over me swinging the towel screaming "You fucking little bastard,
I'll kill you" over and over again. I kept asking why she was hitting me
in between my expressions of pain. There was no answer. She was completely
unhinged and would not be distracted from her only focus - taking her rage-filled
hatred of the men in her life out on me.

After what seemed an eternity, my father who was standing watching her beat me
said "That's enough" and to my repeated question answered "You know why you're
getting hit" I asked again and he replied that I had left the dirty wet towel
in the bathroom. I said I hadn't. He said "if it wasn't you, then who?"
From my sister's room, my younger sister said "I did." He told my mother to
apologize - she didn't - not that night - not ever. It was a home bereft of love
and affection but filled with put-downs, threats, sarcasm, derisive laughter,
and occasional violence.

"Mothers are the most important influence in the early development of their
children. That influence will persist for the remainder of the child's lifetime.
But all mothers are different as to their intelligence, emotional development,
and experience based on their childhood relationships to their mothers.

If she instills the seeds of doubt as to the child's intelligence,
her child will reap a lifetime of self-doubt which will interfere with his
ability to reach the potential which Nature infused him with at birth."1.

"Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect.
It’s a widespread war against our children that we have the power to stop,
and understanding the issue is the first step..." 2.

This war on children does not only occur from within the family unit. Some quotes
to illustrate... "It turns out that compulsory education, a feat accomplished
during the Progressive Era, was also a compulsory indoctrination into Progressive
thought and twentieth-century Protestantism. Arthur Calhoun stated in 1919,
“The fondest wish of Utopian writers was coming true, the child was passing
from its family into the custody of community experts.” 3.

"The power to shape children’s futures was taken from their parents and put
into the hands of the government. Starting in this era, as John Swett,
the founder of public education in California, stated, schoolchildren belonged
not “to the parents, but to the State, to society, to the country.” " 4.

"When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say,
"Your child belongs to us already...What are you? You will pass on.
Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will
know nothing else but this new community." " 5.

Home ought to be a safe haven from the hostility of the world and the grasping
hands of control freaks, a nurturing cradle wherein a child is allowed to develop
their abilities as Nature provided and grow into the adult they themselves
choose to be. Else wise "A man can grow and reach maturity within a spiritual
environment that is not really his own. He lives shut out from the paradise
that should have been his." 6.

A lifetime of observation has led me to the conclusion that all governments have
been based on force, or the threat of force which begs the necessity of asking
why? Can a direct connection be made between parenting, schooling and the
nature of government? Was my mother an aberration or the norm? Was
William Ross Wallace a prophet when he titled his poem
"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."?
Are the child abusers so numerous that they overwhelm those who seek to raise
and educate their children properly to be independent in spirit and fact?
Is this the overarching reason that humanity has been sentenced to live
under the rule of dictators, despots, and collectivists?

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